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Join in the September Stream Track-a-thon!

What is a Stream Track-a-thon you ask? Now through the next two weeks, the network of stream trackers will try to go make as many observations of flow conditions as they can. September is usually a time where streamflow is low or channels have dried. By participating in the Stream Track-a-thon, you help create a 'snap-shot in time' of flow conditions in channels relative to other channels this time of year. This unique dataset allows us to then compare the physical characteristics of streams to further our understanding of why some streams have flow while others remain dry.

When: Make observations anytime from Friday September 17th to Friday October 1st

Where: Visit established sites or establish sites of your own where streams intersect roads or trails.

How to get started:

1. Join the project. Download the mobile app, create an account, search for Stream Tracker under Projects, and click to join -or- visit directly to create an account and join Stream Tracker under Projects.

2. Decide where you want to track streams. You can look at existing sites at or explore sites in the app under the map tab. Do not see sites where you want to go? No problem! You can create a new site at any stream channel (dry or wet) that intersects a road or trail.

3. Take a look at the Stream Tracker Quick Start Guide for a rundown on how to use the app and how to collect observations of streamflow presence/absence. You can also find guidance on how to stream track without using a mobile application, if that is your preference. Still looking for further guidance? Check out the Stream Tracker website or contact us at .

4. Keep tracking! Visit as many sites as you can, whether out hiking, biking or driving. Every observation you make will be entered into a drawing for prizes awarded at the conclusion of the Stream Track-a-thon! Stay safe and have fun!

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