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Navigating offline

You can navigate to established sites within the Anecdata app, however, there is no base map when using the app offline which makes navigation a bit trickier. We strongly recommend downloading a third-party offline navigation app that will allow you to add .kmz layers of stream tracker points. This will ensure you can navigate to a site with confidence.

Third-party offline navigation mobile apps

Offline navigation apps allow you to download base maps of an area as well as add map layers of your own before leaving service to reference when you do not have cell service. There is a chance you may already use such an app for your personal recreation needs. There are both free and for-purchase apps available. This list is by no means exhaustive:

We recommend:

appleAsset 1_4x.png


- Free

- Easy to use

Instructions on how to use MAPS.ME


Download MAPS.ME. Open app and allow app to download the suggested base map layer for your area. You will want to do this on Wi-Fi. NOTE: you will need to download different layers if you are traveling a great distance to other sites (ex., on a road trip).


Once the app has been downloaded to your phone, navigate to this website page on your phone. Then tap the link below to download the kmz. of current stream tracker sites to your phone. This next step varies by phone. You will want to open/share the file. Your phone should prompt you for how you want to open/save the file to your phone. In the options listed (you may need to view additional options), 'copy to MAPS.ME' should be an option. Select 'copy to MAPS.ME'.


Now open MAPS.ME. You should see points added to the map for stream tracker sites. Tap the Bookmarks icon to view your added layer. NOTE: we update the .kmz of stream tracker sites as regularly as we can to include recently added sites. Update your .kmz by downloading the most recent version from this site.

Additional map layers

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