Navigate to sites, enter your observations, add photos, and upload data: all using your mobile phone 

Stream Tracker is now using, a free online citizen science platform, in addition to Here is information to get you started using the app




appleAsset 1_4x.png

Tap your app store above and download the app to your phone


Open anecdata app and register to create an account

Tap "Find more projects" and search for Stream Tracker. Tap to join the project.

Make an







Established sites are called hotspots in the app. 

To view hotspots near you or to navigate to hotspots to add an observation:

1. Go to make a new observation.

2. Tap the map icon bar showing your current location. 

3. Locate yourself and navigate to nearby hotspots.

4. Enter an observation by tapping on the hotspot


Using the app



The reality is most stream tracker sites are remote where there is no reliable cellular data. Fortunately, this app works offline but there are some tips to know before you go to ensure the app works when you need it most.


Download the most recent hotspot and project data before you leave wi-fi/data. On the home screen, look for "Download all my projects for offline" directly below 'Projects I've joined"


Upload your observations when you return to service. When offline, your observations will save to the app. On the home screen, look for "Observations awaiting upload" or tap the menu in the top left and select "Awaiting upload"

Ensure your ability to navigate to hotspots offline. In the app, you are able to see your position relative to a hotspot when you do not have service however, there will not be a base map to help orient you to the points.


To have the ability to navigate with a base map, you can download the kmz of all the hotspots and upload them into a 3rd-party offline navigation app. 

If you are having any trouble with the app, please reach out to us. Always travel in the field with a way to record in case the app does stop working for you.