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Welcome to Stream Tracker



How do I get involved?


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I am still not sure what Stream Tracking is?


Stream Tracking consists of navigating to smaller stream channels, either on foot or driving in a car, and recording the flow conditions at that point of intersection with a road or trail. Conditions are simply is there flow, no flow, standing water, or is the channel obscured from view. Whether you decided to establish a new site or revisit an established site is up to you. Observations are either recorded using a mobile application or using paper datasheets. Once out of the field, these observations are uploaded to the project database on where members can view data, track changes over time, and see their contributions. The more a site is visited, the more we learn about how often that channel flows in a season.




How often do I need to participate?


The beauty of the Stream Tracker project is that an individual's contribution, whether one point or many, is important to growing this collective data set. The more often a Stream Tacker site is visited, the better we are able to capture change in flow. However, we encourage a level of involvement that suits your interests. Do you know a certain area very well and visit it often? Do you just want to use Stream Tracking as a way to try a new trail? Do you live by a stream you can monitor on a daily basis? Are you curious about one stream you find interesting and just want to collect one data point?




Prefere to enter data using our original project page on Click here for instructions on Stream Tracking through

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