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Doe Creek Trail

Priority trail near Granby

Trail description: Start this hike from the Doe Creek Trailhead. The trail is a moderate hike just under 4 miles one way with a 1,300 ft elevation gain. The Stream Tracker hotspots are along the right side of the loop portion of the trail as the left branch of the trail can be flooded. There is parking for 8 vehicles at the Doe Creek Trailhead. Prior to hiking the trail, download the mobile app to your phone when you have Wi-fi or cell service, create an account, then search and join Stream Tracker. Before hiking the trail, familiarize yourself with how to navigate to a hotspot and how to log an observation. 

Distance: 6.6- 7 mile out-and-back
Difficulty: Moderate
Stream Tracker hotspots: 6
Volunteers needed: July 1 - October 1 2023 


Map of Stream Tracker hotspots- click map to enlarge

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